It is said that over 1 million Americans whiten their teeth on an annual basis. Tooth discoloration can be caused by several factors, such as food and drinks, smoking, age, and more. This can be treated through a combination of proper home care, professional cleaning, and application of an in-office or at-home whitening gel. Whitening, also known as bleaching, is a procedure the uses a special gel that interacts with the stain molecules as well as the dentin and the enamel to brighten the shade of your teeth. There are two options you can choose from:

1. In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office (Chairside Bleaching) usually requires only one dental visit. The dentist will start the procedure by either placing a protective gel or a rubber shield over your gum tissue to prevent irritation. After that, the dentist will apply a bleaching agent that contains 25% hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth before using a UVB (ultra-violet) light to activate and enhance the bleaching process.

2. At-Home Teeth Whitening

a. Before starting an At-Home Whitening procedure, you are required to visit your dentist to make an impression of your teeth. After, the dentist will use the mold to make a customized mouth guard. The mouth guard is used to hold whitening gel, containing carbamide peroxide, against the teeth. It is worn for a certain period of time, ranging from a couple of hours a day to everyday during the night for up to four weeks based on desired outcome.

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