dental sealants elim dental Dentist in Mt. Kisco, NYCavities are not fun for anyone, which is why at Elim Dental, we do what we can to help prevent them. Through the practice of good oral hygiene, taking advantage of your bi-yearly visits to the dentist’s office, and other preventative dental procedures, cavities can be prevented. One of these dental procedures is dental sealants. If you or a loved one find that you are “cavity-prone”, we invite you to come into our office in Mount Kisco, New York, to talk about how sealants can benefit you. 


What are Sealants?

Dental sealants are made of a dental material that is placed on the crown of your teeth, covering all pits and fissures. The sealant is hardened using a curing light, creating a permanent cover for your tooth. The sealant works to keep bacteria and plaque out of your teeth, helping you avoid cavities. 

Once sealants are placed and cured in your mouth, they will not be noticeable to anyone. Sealants are made to match the shade of your teeth, so they will look completely natural. Even though this process will keep bacteria and plaque away, good oral hygiene still needs to be practiced as the sealant only covers the top of the tooth. 


Dental Sealant Procedure

Getting a dental sealant is a painless process that should take no more than an hour. To begin, your teeth will need to be deeply cleaned and dried to ensure that no bacteria and plaque is sealed underneath the sealants, resulting in several dental issues. An acidic dental gel will then be applied to your teeth. The gel will roughen up the surface of your teeth making it easier for sealant to grasp onto the tooth. A dental light will then cure the sealant to your teeth, making it hard and permanent. 

If sealants are taken care of, they can last up to 10 years protecting your teeth from excessive plaque and bacteria. Sealants are normally offered to younger kids, as they are more prone to cavities, but anyone is a candidate for sealants. When first applied, it may feel like there is something in your teeth, but with time, that feeling will go away and you won’t even notice they are in your mouth. 


If you are in the Mount Kisco, New York, area, and are interested in sealants, give us a call! At Elim Dental, we are dedicated to helping maintain a clean and healthy smile that you are proud of.